Welcome to Blue Sky Midstream Fabrication

Blue Sky Midstream Fabrication is proud to provide fabrication for both code and non-code oil and gas equipment and vessels to meet the specific needs of our clients. Along with custom fabrication specifications, we also offer a variety of standard size design services. Our industry experience allows us to take advantage of the ability to fabricate any type of pressure vessel, including code pressure vessels and frac equipment. Our quality oil and gas fabrication design services include:
Skid packages Skid assemblies Heat exchangers
Tube bundles Meter tubs Flare stacks
Process piping Spool piping Tanks
Condensers Evaporators Oil separators
Reboilers Chillers Cattle guards
Pressure pots Belt guards Pig launchers
Cage ladders Sweetener and sour gas skids Well platforms
With ASME-certified capabilities, Blue Sky Midstream Fabrication is able to adhere to the most stringent guidelines for production as well as coding requirements. Blue Sky Midstream Fabrication also offers on-site field welding services.
Our oil and gas fabrication designs are constructed with a wide array of materials, capacities, and thickness options. It is our goal to provide our valued clients with the highest quality equipment in a timely manner and within your specified budget.